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Кордон Кокши

Район: Телецкое озеро
Вид экскурсии: Водная
Протяженность:  100 км на теплоходе или катере
Продолжительность: часов
Стоимость: 2200  руб./чел. 

Описание: Каменный залив, водопад Корбу, водопад Киште, водопад Аю-Кечпес, каменные гроты кордона Кокши


The most beautiful lake in Siberia! pure and pure water. There are many camps where you can relax with friends and family. You can go to the mountains by boat. Recommend to everyone! We took the boat from Cold Lake close to all the infrastructure. There are small waterfalls that lead down to the beach, etc., but you cannot float this reserve ashore. There is a very long lake with great views of the mountains and islands. The shower room is very hot but cold.

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